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Air freight

Shipping by air provides several benefits. Air is the fastest mode of transport available. Your cargo remains in good condition during the move, making it ideal for high-value goods. And it offers greater flexibility in the stocking and inventory processes.
Bayshore, an air freight forwarding company, collaborates with our global partners to transport cargo either from a shipper’s door or from the airport to the final point of delivery. In addition, we assist you in every step of the international air import and export process, including customs clearance.

Our air freight forwarding services include:

  • Import, export and consolidation services
  • Door-to-door, airport-to-airport and door-to-airport services
  • Perishable and hazardous cargo shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Projects and exhibition cargo services

All shipments are monitored while in the air and on the ground to ensure on-time delivery.


Airlines calculate shipping costs by dimensional, or chargeable, weight because low-density packages are unprofitable for air cargo carriers. Dimensional weight is calculated as length x width x height / dimensional factor, where the dimensional factor is typically 166 cubic inches per pound. If a shipment’s dimensional weight is greater than its gross weight, then the actual weight is not relevant and the freight carrier will charge based on dimensional weight.