As a ro-ro, or roll-on roll-off, shipping company, Bayshore offers roll-on roll-off shipping for cars, trucks, buses, boats, motor home, tractors, heavy equipment and oversized wheeled cargo. While vehicles can be shipped via container, ro-ro shipping is the easiest, safest and least expensive way to ship vehicles.
At the port of loading, your vehicle is driven up a ramp and secured inside a RORO vessel. A RORO vessel is a ship designed specifically to accommodate vehicles and other large wheeled cargo while offering protection from wind and water. When the vessel reaches your overseas destination, port workers simply roll the freight down the built-in ramp and off the vessel.

While major ports around the world can handle RORO shipments, not every overseas destination can accept this type of transport. Container shipping, however, can get your vehicle(s) to virtually anywhere in the world. Bayshore provides a containerized vehicle shipping option as well.